Annexed to the Treaty approved 17.11.2010

1st Non-profit organization called the Association of Estonian Special Tooling,

hereinafter: the ESTA, is a voluntary association of persons which is a non-profit

applicant organization.

2nd The firm is located in the Republic of Estonia in Tallinn.

3rd The objectives of the competitiveness of the Estonian industry and raising ekspordipotensiaali.

4th The company main business:

a) to conduct business cooperation

b) represent Estonia tool manufacturers in international professional associations (ISTMA etc.)

c) organize conferences, seminars, training sessions, company visits, etc..

d) reducing the member companies of potential customers’ inquiries and orders

to participate in international seminars, conferences, exhibitions and

industrial fairs.

e) participate in international cooperation with other countries in the tool manufacturer associations, networks and clusters

f) the production, development and marketing activities of cooperation and the deepening field of engineering,

electronics and information technology companies and organizations in the area of

g) the development of cooperation between universities, research and development institutions and enterprises (including

international ones)

f) has the property and economic activity

II, Society, and the Society membership withdrawal and exclusion

Conditions and procedure

2.1. Membership is open adoption can be requested by any person who wishes to develop firm

activities in accordance with the objectives

2.2. General meeting of the Association decides on membership

2.3. Become a member of the Association, the Board shall submit a written statement.

2.4. A member may be expelled from the Association by decision of the general meeting, if a member:

a) fails to pay the membership fees;

b) has not participated in any of the last general meeting of the company or by the company

organized the event;

c) take the similar action, developing a non-profit membership.

2.5. Exclusion of a member of its board of directors decides the meeting, giving

Apart from the discussion of this issue to the member in writing at least 2 weeks before

meeting and entitled to participate in their exclusion from the right to speak

discussions in the introduction. The membership decision is made, if

by 2/3 of the board members.

2.6. By a member of the board with the exception of the right to request exclusion from the

decided by the next general meeting.

III The rights and obligations

3.1. The members have the right to:

a) participate and vote at the general meeting the company;

b) be elected a member of the governing bodies;

c) available at the Board about the activities of the Association;

3.2. A member is required to:

a) to comply with its activities in the firm and the firm managing bodies of the Statute;

b) pay a fixed membership fee;

c) inform the board members of the association in its accounting policies


3.3. Other financial obligations membership and entrance fee may be

Only members of the association to the general meeting.

IV of the General Meeting

4.1. The supreme body is the general meeting which any member of the Society

one vote.

4.2. The general meeting shall decide on:

a) Charter Change (2/3 of the participants);

b) change of the objective (9/10 members is required);

c) members of the Board;

d) of the Commission’s audit;

e) the board of directors or other body, or the member of his claim against the

decision-making and submitting a transaction or claim representative of the firm;

f) the association of real estate and movables of the transfer and encumbrance of real property rights

Deciding and conditions of the transactions;

g) other issues, which are not by statute or statutes to other bodies.

4.3. The general meeting is convened by the Board at least annually:

a) the annual report for approval;

b) in other cases stipulated by the law and, if interests require it.

4.4. General meeting of the Board shall send to each member of the Society for two weeks prior to the meeting

written notice, stating the meeting time, place and agenda.

4.5. The General Meeting shall have a quorum if at least a second or more than half of the members present.

4th 6.Üldkoosoleku is adopted, by a vote of more than half of the members present at the meeting or

their representatives.

A Board

5.1. Firm managed and represented by the Board of 3 members.

5.2. Board members are appointed by the general meeting appointed for 3 years.

5.3. Transactions carried out on behalf of the company board of directors must obtain prior

the consent of the general meeting.

5.4. Board’s decision-making is necessary for members of the board majority.

VI of the merger, division, liquidation

6.1. The merger, division and liquidation of the law are held


6.2. The liquidators are officers.